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My Premium Beautiful Corset Journey

Hi there,

I am a mom and an entrepreneur. I love fitness and workouts too.

I get married at the age of 26 and then quit my job and becomes housewife. I had a very bad health history. Soon after I get married, I had 2 miscarriages. My hormones were in a mess and I have had cysts on my ovary, I am always in pain and I was on continuous medications and doctor visitations. But the treatments never helped at all. I was in this bad state for more than a year. Only GOD knows how much pain and how depressed I was during that time.

I have seeked for many alternative treatments, holistic approaches for my health to get back on track. You name it, I have tried before. Literally my schedules were doctors’ appointments. After some time, to the state that I have stopped all the treatments. I have focused more on happy activities to get my life back on track. Met up with my friends and go for workouts. Then I met back my bff, Hanis, she was already in the Hai-O business that time. I bought Premium Beautiful Corset from her to regain back my regular hormones. No harm trying for me since I had already tried so many treatments.

After one month of wearing Premium Beautiful Corset, my period is starting to flow so heavily. I guess was due to irregular cycles previously and all the blood clots came out. And then consistently I wear it everyday, I start to feel that my health is getting back on track, my period is getting back on track. After a couple of months later, I went to gynae for check on my cycsts, woosh!! is GONE!!!

At that point of time, I am just so happy, I didn’t know how Premium Beautiful Corset works at that time. I just know that the Far Infrared Ray therapy has helped me regain back my regular hormones cycle. I continue to wear Premium Beautiful Corset, and one year plus later, I am pregnant with my healthy Naomi. During the pregnancy, I don’t have any signs of miscarriage and complications at all. Is really a miracle to me.

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During confinement, I just wear Premium Beautiful corset as it helps to recover faster and also slimming down.

I really hope I can help as many women out there with all of these health problems. I know how depressing and desperate when we have infertility and irregular hormones problems. Not just affect our health, but also our works and daily activities.

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